• All medications, prescription or over the counter drugs MUST be brought into the school by a parent or guardian with our medication permission form filled out by the prescribing doctor and signed by the legal guardian. Forms are available in the office.
  • Students may NOT carry the medication into school by themselves. It is much too risky.
  • Students are targets for intimidation and sharing. Besides, it's the LAW!

  • The state medication rules also apply for after school activities, sporting events, and field trips. Please talk to the office personnel if your child needs ANY medication.
  • Additionally, if your child takes medication daily, please talk to the office personnel about "disaster preparedness". We encourage you to give us a "3-day supply" of your child's medication in case your child is confined at school during a natural disaster. Permission forms and procedures are available in the office.
  • Our school health room is staffed by Nurse Anita Madea and Medication Aide Janice Kilmer. They can be reached at the school phone number
  • 360-462-6671 if you have any questions.

Remember: Never send medication to school with your student!