Incoming 5th graders choose a free book to read over the summer! Books will be delivered to your 4th grade classrooms before the end of the school year.

Welcome to the Olympic Middle School Library!

Library Hours 7:30 am - 3:00 pm

The library is open before, after, and during school for student book check, research & computer use. Students may have 2 items checked out from our school library at any one time. Book check-out period is 14 days.

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Library Schedule by Homeroom
Please help remind your students to bring their library books back on their scheduled day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
(Gilbert ELA)
 Aisenberg  Cahoon  Belleville/Morgan
(Fennel ELA)
(Mortinson ELA)
Gilbert  Bloomfield  Johnson  Fennel  Godwin
Nielsen  Heetderks  Valett  Guzman  Green
Parnell  Jordan  Starmer  Mortinson
Vernon  Magen  
Zoerhoff  Morgan/Belleville
(Magen ELA)

Search tips for students at
Using Boolean operators for research created by Lexi Spry, UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies.

Use Boolean Search commands to narrow your search results:
 AND used to search for two keywords together, must be capitalized Big AND Foot
 OR used to find either of two keywords, must be capitalized fall OR autumn
 NOT used to leave out a keyword, must be capitalized  java NOT coffee
 + plus symbol requires that the following keyword be in the search, no space between the symbol and the following word  dog +puppy
 - minus symbol excludes the following keyword from the search, no space between the symbol and the following word  apple -fruit
 " " quotation marks around keywords finds the exact words in that order inside of the quotation marks, spelling matters on this one!  "World War I"
 ( ) parentheses around keywords groups the words together, great for grouping synonyms  (mouse OR rat) AND trap
 * asterisk searches for keywords with multiple endings or keywords you are not sure how to spell electron* will find electron, electrons, electronic, electronics

d*g will find dog, dug, dig
 Libguide  will find college or university websites with the keyword

When looking for trustworthy sources, ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the information published? Is it CURRENT?
  2. Does this information relate to my question? Is it RELEVANT?
  3. Who wrote this and how do I know they are qualified? What is their AUTHORITY?
  4. Can I verify that this information is true? Fact not opinion. Am I sure that it is ACCURATE?
  5. What is the PURPOSE of this article? To inform, teach, entertain, persuade, or advertise?
Create citations using MLA format:
Citation Machine
Easy Bib

Big 6 Research Method


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