In efforts to establish Olympic Middle School as a safe, welcoming and purposeful learning environment, we have implemented a program called Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) as part of our greater MTSS framework. PBIS actively encourages students to achieve their academic potential while also behaving with good character. At Olympic Middle School, the focus is on teaching and encouraging appropriate behavior in all areas of the school, concentrating on the instruction of our expectations; Be Safe, Be Kind, and Work Hard. Students who demonstrate these expectations act appropriately so they maximize their learning opportunities and do not detract or interfere with the learning opportunities of their classmates.
Students are actively involved in learning what these expectations look like in all areas of our school through activities, lessons, demonstrations, videos and role-playing. In addition to learning these expectations, teachers and staff will recognize and reward students for meeting the expectations throughout the year. Positive incentives for these behaviors can include but are not limited to verbal praise, positive phone calls or notes to parents, Excellent Eagles, and Eagle tickets.